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Propaganda / Press

A collection of material that addresses work specifically at EIU. This list contains only press that has been brought to our attention. A less focused press list can be found here.

Several EIU activities and projects featured alongside other impressive works in three new MIT Press books:

Information Arts by Steve Wilson

Robo Sapiens by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio

The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet  by Edited by Ken Goldberg

 April 2005
  Limelight, oggetto sensibile al pericolo vicino e remoto in Neural.it  
 July 2002
  Robot Art on Next TV Canadian television Show  
 July 2001
  "I pronounce this space devoid of technology!" (see bottom of page) SilliconValley.com by John Paczkowski  
 Jan 2001
  Controlling Interest (page 1) in ARTBYTE by Mark Dery  
 Oct 2000
  Robots at the Tech by Sharon Silvia in About  
 Sept 2000
  Interview for Robots at the Tech Museum of Innovation  
 13 Sept  2000
  Danger: The Future of Techno-Terrorism by R. Scott Macintosh on Beyond Computers / NPR (radio interview / start at 21:00 minute mark for EIU content)  
15 Mar 2000
  High Tech Is the Art in San Francisco by Sally McGrane in New York Times  
26 Jan 2000
  Experimental Interaction in Frontwheeldrive by Roy Christopher  
16 Jan 2000
  Fantastico (Brazilian Science TV Show)  
Jan 2000
  ARTBYTE (cover) (page 1) (page 2)  
Dec 1999
  CIRCA 90 Art + Technology biological - art - tech - interfaces (check excerpt)  
16 Nov 1999
  "Better KIlling Through Virulent Vending" in Click Weekly by Machine Valdez  
11 Nov 1999
  Virus Automat (readaudio interview from Ars99 on Dispersion) on HardDisken (Danish Radio) by Henrik Fhns  
Sept 1999
  Gift fr die ganze Welt (Poision for the Whole World) in Der Standard (check english translation)  
Sept 1999
  Rx for Disaster in Rhizome  
Aug 1999
  SPIN Magazine article "Killer Apps" by Chris Norris  
13 Jun 1999
  Net Cafe PBS TV Show  
May 1999
  Mechanical Mutants by Jeannette Godbey  
April 1999
  Be There Now: Telepresence Art Online in Flash Art by David Pescovitz  
4 April 1999
  TO BHMA "On Line" Greek newspaper by Gr.A.Mhliareshs  
April 1999
  La Spirale  
Mar 1999
  Frontwheel Drive  
Feb 1999
  Internet News Italia  
Jan 1999

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