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"Seeing is Deceiving"



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The anxiety of our new world demands our vigilant attention.  We are drawn into the spiral of constantly filtering and interpreting the breaking news from across the globe, monitoring the state and activities in our local habitats, and drawing pragmatic conclusions of the current threat based on our findings.  The solution is a personal tactical system capable of diligently and automatically monitoring complex local and global threat conditions, constantly updating its awareness of these hostilities, and presenting an ambient display to the local user of the current threat level: Limelight.

Limelight is a personal tactical system that removes the burden of anxiety associated with our continuous worry of emerging global and local threatening conditions. Using a collection of embedded sensors, local measurements of radioactivity and RF signals are continuously scanned for hostile patterns. Similarly, remote precursors of threats such as the appearance and frequency of specific keywords and discussions by various military, news, and independent sources are continuously monitored. The collected data is carefully analyzed and summarized as a visual output where various threats are mapped across a spectrum of illumined and pulsing colors.

Limelight was show in 2004:

September 14 - October 16
Chelsea Art Museum
556 West 22nd Street, @ 11th Ave
New York, NY 10011 USA

Opening 14 Sept 6-8pm

Eric Paulos / admin@eiu.org