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Technical Specifications

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Preparing to Fire

The I-Bomb creates an extremely powerful electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). These pulses were first observed and investigated in depth when they were generated by nuclear detonations. The device shown here, only one of one of several such I-Bombs in development, enables the disruption and/or disabling of electronic devices and systems within a limited range and without physical contact. It will also corrupt and/or erase any magnetic storage medium such as floppy disks, credit cards, etc. The result is the creation of a physical space guaranteed to be devoid of technology, a Technology Free Zone (TFZ).

Below is a table containing some characteristics of the I-Bomb.  More information will be unclassified on a need to know basis.


Parameter Value Units
Volume classified m^3
Weight classified kg
EMP Type spark-gap
Power (peak) classified Watts
Energy Discharge
classified Joules
Effective Range classified m
Magnetic Field (typ) classified Tesla
Magnetic Field (max) > 1.5 Tesla
Discharge Time classified ms
Coil Type Helmholz
Coil Diameter 1 m
Coil Height 0.5 m
Coil Turns 5T 5B
Coil Wire Gauge 00
Fire Rate (typ) 45 s
Fire Rate (max) classified s

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