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Physical System

The system consists of seven basic components:

(1)     Mounting base This is a structural metal base to support the system.  It rests on the floor and is approximately 1 meter in height.  It also consists of an aluminum housing to enclose various electrical components and other hardware. A flat panel screen is attached to one side of the base (not the top).  This is situated in the center of a room or open space to afford the best vantage of people and objects.  

(2)     A/V equipped internet-connected computer This computer is responsible for handing all of the remote audio and video capture, processing, and transmission.  This is a 800MHz+ PIII machine with capture hardware.

(3)     Routing internet-connected computer This computer monitors the network traffic and aids in tracking network statistics and generating firing logs and reports for local viewers.

(4)     Custom control and tracking software Various software written in C++, assembly, and Java for controlling the custom hardware on the system.  This software is contained in items 2 and 3.

(5)     Industrial grade pan/tilt mechanism Two high-torque geared servo motors mounted atop item 1 control rapid panning and tilting of items 6 and 7.  Range is approximately +/-45deg tilt and +/- 180deg pan.

(6)     Auto-focus zoom camera This is a Sony camera with auto-focus, auto-iris, and controllable zoom.  It is mounted such that it acts as an aiming system down the barrel of item 7.  The output signal is S-VHS format and can be operated in low lighting conditions.  Various video overlays and crosshairs are overlaid on the resulting video signal.

(7)     Shockwave vortex gun See link.

Eric Paulos / admin@eiu.org