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Gallery Shooting Gallery provides an internet user with an interface to a real physical weapon mounted in a remote location.  There are two experiences of the system: remote users and local inhabitants.

Remote users gain access to the system through a web based Java applet.  EIU has constructed numerous interfaces (PRoPs, Blimps, Legal Tender, Mechanical Gaze, What is Real?, Further Explorations in Lethal Experimentation, etc) of this type for accessing remote physical systems.  EIU are considered experts in the field.  Several sophisticated tracking algorithms make best attempt guesses of a userís physical location that is in turn displayed on the screen on the side the base of the physical unit.  The remote user also receives an internet video and audio stream.  Using the applet, the individual can move the shockwave cannon around the room to acquire a target.  The ability to lock on and track a target is also provided.  Once a target is selected, a user may discharge the cannon, firing the weapon with a mouse click or joystick fire button.  During that sequence a video record is made and placed on the web site as a 3-5 sec clip for later viewing by others.  This clip is also cross references with other statistics such as any information that was able to be ascertained about the remote user, their usage time, location, network path to their machine, various routers involved, etc.  

Eric Paulos / admin@eiu.org