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Improvement System



A critical conflict has been raging for over a month now between corporate power eToys.com and the tactical innovative team etoy.com. The Experimental Interaction Unit (EIU) was in Los Angeles for the trial on 27 December 1999. After the inevitable defeat of eToys.com, there will be new demands for tools and techniques for improving the frivolous literature and rhetoric that eToys has generated. Predicting a need, EIU has assembled an early prototype machine called the Etoys Improvement System (EIS).

This system consists of a mechanical abrasion device that removes the human tedium from the rubbing and scraping tasks soon to be employed in eradicating the annoying "S" from eToys literature. The product of the EIS device is flawless new world etoy.com propaganda.

The EIS device was was setup on the steps of the Los Angeles courthouse for the trial on 27 December, 1999. Before and during the trial it operated, methodically scrapping the "S" and other errors off of the eToys flyers, producing the improved etoy.com flyers.

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