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Dispersion Images

from Ars Electronica 99

Images of Dispersion at its public debut where, under the guise of an art project, it operated, collecting data, and vended hundreds of personal bio-pathogen vials for over two weeks. Higher quality images can be obtained for most images by clicking on the thumbnail.

Left side with
Salmonella and Anthrax images
(also note warning label)



Right side with
Black Plague and Typhus images


disp12.jpg (89142 bytes)
Front view with view of robotic bio-laboratory, touchscreen interface, fingerprint reader, and vending area (lower right)


disp07.jpg (88187 bytes)
A happy couple customizing their pathogen


Sealed vial of personal bio-pathogen as dispensed to a customer by Dispersion


Release of pathogens as vial seal is later broken


disp01.jpg (69602 bytes)
Open to all ages, a child registers his fingerprint into the database


disp15.jpg (81995 bytes)
Later in the day the same child
uses his fingerprint to activate the
machine and completes his lethal purchase


disp09.jpg (105395 bytes)
A common site, the public
gathering to make a viral selection


Close-up of personal bio-pathogen vial that Dispersion vends to each customer, each filled with powdered pathogens


disp03.jpg (113895 bytes)
Choosing the "Mortality Rate" for her custom virus as other watch


disp13.jpg (206661 bytes)
A satisfied customer with her vial of processed powdered pathogen


Pathogens are processed to a powdered form for optimal airborne dispersion


A close-up view of personal viral capsule after being vended and opened to disperse pathogen


disp18.jpg (87121 bytes)
A user carefully choosing the
"Infection Rate" property
for his custom pathogen


disp02.jpg (95568 bytes)
Overhead view of Dispersion
at entryway to O.K. Center

disp21.jpg (88845 bytes)
Demand grows high as vials of
lethal powdered pathogens are distributed


disp14.jpg (105631 bytes)
A user selects the desired "Dispersion Radius" for their pathogen

disp17.jpg (89221 bytes)
More user interaction with Dispersion as a queue forms

disp05.jpg (97389 bytes)
A user contemplates her choices
as a list of "Desired Symptoms"
is presented with images and video


disp11.jpg (108092 bytes)
Interaction and Observation around Dispersion as a user considers his choices for "Vaccine Availability"


disp04.jpg (100721 bytes)
Group selection and interaction

Close-up view of warning label on left side of Dispersion


Small portable personal pathogen vials make viral transport safe and easy for customers


disp08.jpg (100371 bytes)
More lethal viral purchases

disp10.jpg (82795 bytes)
A customer decides on the "Diagnosis Difficulty" property for his pathogen


disp20.jpg (103396 bytes)
Using a slider the individual chooses the level of "Infection Rate" for the personal pathogen


jeanine_tv.jpg (101829 bytes)
ORF documenting a purchase

disp16.jpg (97389 bytes)
Using the fingerprint reader, a previously registered user initiates his transaction


disp19.jpg (97963 bytes)
A customer chooses the
"Contagion Degree" of his custom pathogen

Also, images taken by Tanya Bezreh during her visit to Ars Electronica (with her text):

"Dispersion" by Eric Paulos: a vending machine for custom designed pathogens, here offering a slider to set the infection rate anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 years.

"Dispersion" by Eric Paulos: my own little vile of minimally contagious biological agent that makes the afflicted vomit blood before entering an (eventually) deadly coma.

Eric Paulos / admin@eiu.org