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The Experimental Interaction Unit (EIU) abhors the atrocities of 9.11.01 and condemns the parties responsible.  As developers of the first privately owned electromagnetic weapon and anonymous biological pathogen dispersion system, EIU reaffirms its dedication to researching the most vital elements of future human interaction systems.  While the events of 9.11 dictate a new agenda for EIU, our actions will not be inured by these events. Our expertise, knowledge, and rapid adaptation skills have been deployed in an effort to design new systems and tools to combat and intimately connect with the future.  Challenging times bring new urgency to these parlous projects which will soon be debuted.

A few statements concerning various EIU projects in light of the terrorist incidents of 9.11.01:


Always at the forefront, EIU confronted the issues of lethal biological pathogen acquisition and distribution back in 1999 with Dispersion.  Dispersion is an anonymous biological pathogen vending machine. Although current events surrounding Anthrax distribution are abhorrent, EIU foresaw the immediate urgency to explore this issue as far back as 1999.  Dispersion was due to be operated within New York City on September 14, 2001.  Due to obvious circumstances it did not appear.

Gallery Shooting Gallery

A remote weapons targeting system and an intense probing of government security and privacy system such as Echelon and Carnivore are the primary elements of Gallery Shooting Gallery.  This was a new project in the development phase during the attacks of 9.11.01.  Part of the Gallery Shooting Gallery project actually included keyword tagging.  That is, the internet packets used to transmit data for the project were also being intentionally tagged with high percentage keywords such as "Anthrax", "Osama Bin Ladin", "USS Cole", "Small Pox", "Sarin", "Al-Qaeda", "Word Trade Center", "Embassy", "Dirty Nuke", etc.  EIU quickly realized that the important relevance of Gallery Shooting Gallery was diminished in light of 9.11.01 and development was abandoned in order to prepare for new projects.


Eric Paulos / admin@eiu.org